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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Empties | July

I don't usually have many empties, but this month I seem to have come to the end of a lot of my products. I seem to have finished up a lot of foundations and concealers this month, which is good because I change my foundation far too often and need to learn to finish one before buying another. I'm really sad that I've finally finished my Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner and Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray, two of my must have products. Both have lasted me over a year though, so I'm impressed with that.

1. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 
I always have a couple of these concealers on the go, they are one of my favourite concealers for everyday. They have high coverage, last all day and are easily blended into my foundation. For £4.19 these are a real bargain as their quality is comparable to high-end more expensive concealers. I finally ran out of the two concealers I had been using. As you can see, I pretty much tried to get all of the product out of the tubes and all of the brand lettering has worn off. I've currently decided to try a new concealer as I have been using these for so long I got curious as to what else was out there, but I probably will repurchase them.

2. Urban Decay Moisturising Makeup Setting Spray in 'Dew Me'
I was so upset when I finally ran out of this makeup setting spray. I use this everyday without fail in order to set my makeup and it makes sure that it last all day without fail. I also like to use this when I know I am going out on the night, and I find it keeps my makeup on all night without it smudging. I have this in the moisturising formula (there is a formula for normal skin and one for oily skin) as I have very dry skin. I find that this helps to keep my makeup on and also get rid of some of the dryness on my skin and give me a 'dewy' effect to my makeup. I will be repurchasing this as soon as I can as its a staple for my makeup bag.

3. Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation
This foundation is pretty much finished with now. I really liked this foundation, I found that it looked natural on the skin and didn't look heavy, but you could also achieve good coverage with it. I used this everyday and the bottle probably lasted me about 4 months. I also liked the shade selection, I am a very pale person and often find I am the lightest shade in all foundation ranges (or that there simply isn't a match) but I am actually the second lightest shade in this range, and with different undertones to match your skin, it is likely everybody will be able to find a suitable match in this range. I won't be repurchasing at the moment as I am currently trying out another foundation, but I might repurchase in the future.

4. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum
I have had this bottle for a while and tend to go back to it when I'm in between other foundations. I really like it as a foundation, it applies nicely and has good coverage and leaves a beautiful finish. The main problem with this foundation is that its too dark for my skin (even though I have it in the lightest shade). It therefore requires quite a bit of blending for me to wear this shade and on most days I don't have the extra time to spend blending my foundation. I do really like this foundation and if I do get a tan (unlikely though) this would be one of my top foundations. I probably won't be repurchasing due to the shade selection.

5. Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation
Cover FX is a less well known brand that some of the others, but I am glad I stumbled across this foundation. First off, this foundation is very high coverage. This literally covers any imperfection you may have which is great for when I've got blemishes. The shade selection is also good, this shade is perfect for my skintone and they have a wide range of shades available. It is also really easy to carry around with you as you don't need to apply it with a brush. I currently have a few unfinished foundations so won't be repurchasing this as of yet, but might repurchase it in the future.

6. MAC Bronzing Powder in 'Sun Dipped'
This isn't completely finished, but I thought I would include it anyway. I got this last year and it is my go to bronzer most days. I really like the lasting power on this, I find it lasts me all day and it doesn't look powdery on the skin. I also like the texture of it. It has a bit of shimmer in it but it is not noticeable on the skin. I think the colour is a bit too dark for me however, and needs a bit of blending to look right on my pale skin. This was a limited edition item so I can't repurchase it, so I think I am going to try a lighter bronzer for my skin next time.

7. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in 'Black Ink'
I recently did a post on how much I love this gel eyeliner, and compared it to other eyeliners here. I love this gel eyeliner and have worn it everyday since the day I got it. This pot has actually lasted me for over a year despite my constant use of it. It lasts for a long time, looks great in the waterline and is a true jet black colour. I am currently using the Sleek gel eyeliner at the moment, but will repurchase this eyeliner soon as it really is one of my must have products.

Those are my empties for the month of July. Let me know what you've been used up this month in the comments below!

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Haul | Superdrug

Only a very tiny haul from Superdrug, but I thought I'd show you what I got! If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know how much I love Sleek, so of course two of the main things I purchased were from Sleek.

Firstly I got the new Sleek Blush by 3 in Sweet Cheeks. I already have the Sleek Blush by 3 in Pumpkin which I reviewed here, I love this blush palette and use it constantly. When I saw the reviews and swatches of the new one, I knew I had to get it. I love the bright colours in it, and know it will become a new staple in my collection.
While looking at the Sleek range, I decided to also pick up the Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light. I've heard so many good reviews of this product, and I need a new bronzer as mine is running out. My current bronzer is from MAC and is a bit dark for my skintone so needs a lot of blending. As this kit is in light I'm hoping the bronzer is a better fit for my skintone. I got the kit without the blush in as I am thinking of buying the Blush by 3 palette in Lace at some point which contains the same blush.

I also picked up an MUA Eyebrow Pencil in Blonde. I've never bought anything from MUA but have heard their products are good for the price of £1 each (for most things). I never do anything with my eyebrows so decided to pick this up and see if I liked it or not. For the price, I figured if I didn't it wouldn't be a huge loss. Whereas if I bought an expensive eyebrow product and didn't like it, that would be a bigger regret.

That's all I got, let me know what you think and if you'd like to see reviews of any of the products!

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Image of the Week | #3

Source: Pinterest

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Friday, 26 July 2013

GOSH Click 'N' Conceal 01 Light | Review and Swatch

Like many other people, I have always sworn by Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, however I had come to end of my last tube and decided to try a new concealer. I was looking through Boots and came across this concealer from GOSH. I've never owned any GOSH products but have always heard good things about their foundation and that they are good for catering to pale skins.

The Claim:
'GOSH Click'n Conceal is a new high quality concealer with the amazing ability to reduce dark circles and puffiness and hide skin imperfections. Click'n Conceal is very easy to apply with the Click function. Click, conceal and look fresh and flawless.  Can be applied under the eyes to brighten and reduce puffiness and dark circles. It has an anti aging effect which will renew and smooth your skin.'
The only one of these which I'm not sure on is the anti-aging effect. I'm 19 years old so any anti-aging effect isn't really going to have a huge effect on me.

On one hand, I like the fact that the packaging is easy to carry around, and you can apply it without a brush if you are traveling. However, I have found that sometimes it takes 8+ clicks of the pen to get enough product out which can be frustrating. The nib of the pen also often gets messy due to excess product being left on the brush.

I'm very pale (for reference Mac NC15 is too dark for me) and I've found this is a little bit too dark for me, but not too dark that I can't blend it into my foundation. I'd say it's a bit darker than the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 01 Fair. It is still a pale shade, and I can use it on my skin, so for the majority of skins this will be a good match for you.

The concealer offers good coverage, I like the fact that this concealer is neither drying or oily. You can pat a small amount onto a blemish or your undereye circles and it does a good job of concealing them. It is also really easy to blend into the skin and a little bit goes a long way. I wouldn't say it's the most heavy coverage concealer in the world, so if you suffer from bad breakouts this may not be for you, but for small blemishes and under eye circles it does a good job.

Like I said, the formula is very creamy and not cakey in the slightest. It's very easy to blend into your skin or your foundation. I find it is also easy to layer it up to create higher coverage. You can either apply it straight from the brush or using a brush. It also has a nice finish on the skin, blending in well.

Lasting Power:
This lasts really well on me, but my favourite thing is that it doesn't cake or cling to dry patches. Sometimes concealer can actually begin to fade or cling to my dry patches after several hours of wear, luckily this doesn't do that. It also lasts well throughout the day, I always set my concealer with powder to prolong its wear. I find this lasts 8+ hours on me.

Availability and Pricing:
For some reason I can't find this item on the Superdrug site even though I only bought it two weeks ago. It's available on the GOSH site for €11.99 (£6.99) in four colours, including a green for cancelling out redness.

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Pretty Little Liars | Steal Aria Montgomery's Fashion Style!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm addicted to Pretty Little Liars. It is without a doubt my favourite tv show, and is what I always look forward to watching each week. One of the things I love the most is how beautiful the four main characters are, each with their own individual style. I really love Aria's style, it's very unique to her character and suits her perfectly. I love the quirky outfit she wears and how well she pulls them off. This post shows how to get some of her looks from the show. I find it quite hard to find somethings, and some are quite pricey. This is my first fashion post on this blog so I hope you enjoy it!




So there we go! I love how Aria dresses, I think she has the most unique outfits on the show and also the most distinct. I found it really hard to find some pieces, so some may not look too similar so sorry about that.

Please let me know what you think about these types of posts, I'm not sure whether or not this post worked out well or not. If you'd like me to do another one let me know in the comments, or if you have any ideas on how I can improve posts like this let me know too I won't mind any negative comments!

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Monday, 22 July 2013

My Top 5 MAC Lipsticks | Summer

I love bright lipstick. One of the things I love most about summer is the chance to wear those bright pink colours along with the corals and subtle nudes. My favourite brand for lipsticks has always been MAC, I love the huge choice of colour they have, you are sure to find something you like. There are certain lipsticks I go back to time and time again, which I've decided to share with you all.

1. MAC 'To Catch a Sailor'

 One of my favourite lipsticks for summer is this golden-tan colour from the MAC 'Hey Sailor!' collection last summer. I always love the look of tan lipsticks on people, but being so pale, I often find that they don't look right on me. However, this lipstick suits my pale complexion and makes me look a bit more bronzed in the summer months.

It's a frost finish which means there is shimmer on the lips, but this is subtle and does not look over the top. As it is a frost it can be a little more on the dry side so it is recommended to moisturize your lips well before using it, or to add a gloss over the top.

I love the lipstick with a bit of bronzer and loose wavy hair on a sunny day.

2. MAC 'Angel'

 MAC 'Angel' is a well known lipstick shade. It's a light pink shade that is known for being one of Kim K's favourite shades. It's the sort of shade that looks good one everyone, regardless of skin colour/tone.

On me, the shade is lighter than my actual lip colour so appears a light pink. However, on people with lighter lip colours than me, it appears as a more netural pink colour. This colour is really nice for wearing natural and no-makeup makeup as the colour isn't too far away from the average lip colour. I especially like this colour when wearing very dramatic eyes, e.g. smokey eyes.

I love this lipstick for summer as I prefer to wear more natural looking makeup in the summer time and this helps me achieve that. It looks really nice with a light pink lipgloss added over the top too. 

3. MAC 'Girl About Town'

 MAC 'Girl About Town' is the least summery of all of the shades I've picked, but I still like to wear it in summer. It's good for those days in August where even though its summer and the sun should be shining, it's pouring it down with rain. It looks more summery than red and maroons, but still isn't so summery that it looks out of place. I also love to wear on a warm day with a pale pink lipgloss. This lightens the colour a bit and makes it more summmery.

The lipstick is an amplified finish, and is very pigmented as you can see by the swatch. The lasting power on this lipstick is very good as well, it last for ages due to its high pigmentation.

4. MAC 'Naughty Saute'

 Naughty Saute (don't you just love MAC lipstick names?) is a very bright pink. Think in your face bright pink that you can notice from a mile off. Well not quite, but Naughty Saute is almost at that level. It's a very bright light-ish pink. To me, this is such a summer colour the bright pink looks great with pink cheeks and minimal eye makeup.

I often find that the pink is a bit bright to wear on its own so often tone it down with a slightly lighter lipgloss, keeping the very bright pink colour but making it a bit more wearable.Also, it's a blue based pink, which means it won't make your teeth look slightly yellow as I know some bright pink lipsticks have a habit of doing it.

It's a cremesheen formula which is one of my favourite mac lipstick formulas as they are more moisturising, which is good for such a bright lipstick. It glides on and leaves a quite a glossy finish. The wear time on this is also good about 3-4 hours depending on if you are eating/drinking.

5. MAC 'Watch me Simmer'

 This last lipstick is my favourite of the bunch, and I think you can tell by the slightly deformed shape of the lipstick, the one I wear the most.

Watch me Simmer is a bright coral red which looks nice with just about anything. I really love how this looks with all my summer clothes. It also compliments a lot of summer makeup. For example, I've worn this with a very bronzed smokey eye with heavy contouring and its looked great. It's also looked good with more simple eye makeup and just a hint of blusher on my cheeks. It's a very versatile shade.

It's an amplified formula which means it is highly pigmented, this means you will be able to get the shade in the lipstick on your lips. I find it to be a very moisturising lipstick and don't find it dries out my lips at all. This will be the main lipstick I am wearing all summer for sure.

These are my top 5 favourite MAC lipsticks to wear in the summer, let me know what lipsticks you will be rocking in the summer months in the comments below!

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Pale Foundation Swatches | Updated Feat. Illamasqua, Revlon, YSL and Bourjois

I have very fair skin and often struggle to find foundation that matches it, particularly from the drugstore/highstreet. To help others like me, I compiled a huge post containing pale foundation swatches from foundations I'd used throughout the years here. However, this post was actually written a while before it was posted, and I have a few new foundations to add to the swatch list. I no longer have some of the foundations in that post, but swatched the new foundations against some older foundations for comparison.

The first photograph is taken in direct lighting in front of a window, while the second photograph is taken away from the window. This should give you an idea of how the foundations look in different lighting.

The two new shades to my collection are the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation (far left) and the New Revlon 24 Hour Colourstay Foundation (this is different to the old one, I've had both and much prefer this).

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat in BR20
The YSL foundation is in the shade BR20 (so the second lightest of the pink undertones range). I was matched to this instore by the sales assistant, however I don't think it's the best match for me at all. It looks better on my face than it does on my arm, but it is still too dark and too pinky. Before I was matched by the sales assistant, the colour B10 looked like the best match for me but she said that would be too light. I'd say this it too dark for my skin and I need blending to make it match. However, there is a shade lighter than this, so that could be a better pale match. It is very similar in shade to the Bourjois foundation which is too dark for me too ( I have the lightest shade 51).

Revlon 24 Hour Colourstay in Ivory
This is a new formulation of the Revlon Colourstay foundation, and I much prefer the new formulation. I will be doing a review on it soon because I really love this foundation. The colour is lighter than the previous formula and it is a great match for my skin. Along with the L'oreal True Match Perfection this is one of the best drugstore/highstreet offerings I've found to suit pale skin. It is darker than both the Illamasqua shades which I find are just a bit too pale for me.

Let me know what foundations you love for your skin or any recommendations in the comments!

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Image of the Week #2

Source: Pinterest

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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Fashion Wish List | July

So after the popularity of my Beauty Wish list here, I decided to show you the items of clothing I am currently lusting after!

1. Zara Printed Skirt with Ruffles
2. Oasis Boat Print Fit and Flare Dress
3. Warehouse Black Double Breasted Stud Detail Blouse
4. Oasis Sparkle Ballerina Shoes
5. Love Skater Dress With Contrast Collar and Cuffs
6. Forever 21 Garden Rose Bodycon Dress
7. Rare London Faux Skin Fringe Detail Duffle Bag
8. Forever 21 Heart Back Ganado Romper 
9. New Look Belle Heart Black Tapestry Print Skater Skirt

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Thursday, 18 July 2013

YSL Manifesto Eau De Parfum | Review

I bought this fragrance around Christmas and have nearly used it all up. This has been my signature scent for the past 6 months and now that I've nearly finished the bottle, I thought I'd give you my thoughts on it.


As to be expected of a YSL product, the packaging feels luxurious and looks expensive. I'm not usually too bothered by packaging of makeup products, but I like my perfume bottles to look good so they look nice on my dressing table. The YSL bottle is a clear, glass hourglass shaped bottle with bits of purple and gold. I personally like this bottle, its eye-catching without being too in your face.


Heart Notes: Sambac Jasmine Absolute, Lily of the Valley Accord, Creamy Accord

Top Notes: Bergamot Oil, Blackcurrant Buds Absolute, Crispy Green Accord

Base Notes: Cedarwood Heart Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Bourbon Vanilla Absolute CO2, Tonka Bean Absolute

I find it hard to describe perfumes, but to me YSL Manifesto is a sweet, floral fragrance.  However, I would describe it as a more 'mature' floral scent, it is different from some the very overly floraly scents often worn by young teenager, and is aimed more towards the older crowds. Personally, I can really smell the vanilla and jasmine in this when I spray it.

Its an Eau De Parfum, so that means the scent is more powerful.

Lasting Power:

This personally lasts all day on me. I have no need to retouch it. The smell does fade a bit towards the end of the day, but personally I think it has good lasting power for  perfume.


 A 30ml bottle will set you back around £47.00. This is quite expensive for a perfume, especially compared to what is currently available on the market. However, YSL is a premium brand and that is reflected in both the product and the price.


You can buy YSL Manifesto from House of Fraser.

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