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Monday 2 September 2013

Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray | Review

I'm not one of those people that use a lot of products on my hair. Sure I curl it with curling wand quite a bit, and sometimes I straighten it, but that's pretty much all I really do to my hair. I'm rubbish with trying to put my hair into nice hairstyles and I don't have the time to spend ages on time and prefer to spend my time on my makeup rather than my hair. My sister is the opposite though, she has so many hair products its ridiculous. I recently saw this when I was in the haircare section of Boots and had heard good things about sea salt spray so decided to pick it up.

Toni & Guy's Claim:
'Creates texture and body with light to medium hold. Suitable for all hair types and perfect for achieving a lived in, beach look. Spritz evenly root to tip, on towel-dried or dry hair and work through to create tousled waves and natural movement.
For extra hold and texture, layer through dry hair and re-style with fingers.'
I love this spray. It helps create texture in your hair. It really give you that beach look which it claims to do. It is really easy to apply you just spray it in your hair and scrunch it up with your fingers to get that tousled beach-hair look. You can control how textured your hair is by how much you apply and how much you mess with your hair. It does look very natural and looks simply windswept.

I personally apply this on dry hair as I don't like to style my hair wet. I find it is easier to see what I'm doing and how my hair will look.
My Hair with Sea Salt Spray

It also leaves your hair smelling like the sea which I personally love. I smell my hair and it makes me think of being at the beach!

The only thing I'd be careful is that this could potentially make your hair look greasy if you applied too much. I'm lucky that I have quite dry hair so my hair doesn't tend to look greasy, but if you have oily hair I'd be careful with how much you apply.

I love how easy this is to apply too. I hate spending a lot of time on my hair. And curling my hair usually takes about 20 minutes. This gives a similar effect and only takes me a couple of minutes. It has also meant I use heat products on my hair less often, which is a good thing!

Does it last?
It does last pretty well. I found this did last all day but after about 5+ hours the hair does start to lose some its texture. I don't tend to use hairspray on my hair though, so lasting time could be improved.

This is a small bottle so its really light and portable. It's perfect for travel and its a good size to put into your hand bag if you want to use it during the day. I also really like the blue tones of the bottle as it reminds me of the sea.

Pricing and Availability:
The 75ml bottle (which I have) is only £2.19 and I can see it lasting a good while. You can get a 200ml bottle for £7.19 so it's definitely on the cheap side. You can get it from Boots.

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