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Monday 8 July 2013

Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid Foundation Review | Shade 0.5

I've had this foundation for a while now and it is a product I am currently loving. I've been using this for a couple weeks now to make sure I gave it a proper try before reviewing it.

The Shade I have is the palest in 0.5 which is for pink undertones. I don't actually have pink undertones but I found that although this was pink it wasn't so pink that it looked unnatural on my skin tone. To be honest, this shade is too dark for me and I do have to blend it down onto my neck, however once blended I think it does look natural on my skin and it isn't too dark that I can't get away with it. I am pretty pale, but if you are even paler than me (paler than #115 in Illamasqua type of pale) this will not be a good match for you.

The coverage of this is definitely buildable. Depending on the brush and the method used I've found this can be quite a light coverage to a medium/full coverage. I have found that I always need concealer on any blemishes after using this, but it definitely covers up any redness I may have. This isn't going to be super high coverage so if you do have very problematic skin, this may not be suitable. One of my favourite things about this foundation has to be the finish it leaves on your skin. Once on, I find that this actually does look like skin (like the name suggests) and does leave a natural looking finish. According to Urban Decay it leaves a 'demi-matte' finish. On me however, I find it leaves a more dewy finish. However, I have had a more matte finish with it before, but the combination of products I use to hydrate my dry skin (and the fact I don't powder) means that this looks more dewy.

As you can see in the photos this has a runny finish and is quite thin. From this you would think that the coverage would be very sheer but it's not. I really like the texture as it means that it blends into the skin really well and that a little can go a long way.

I really like the packaging on this. It isn't the most luxurious of packaging (the bottle is plastic, not glass) so if you like your foundation bottles to look expensive this isn't going to float your boat. The reason I like the packaging so much is partly because its lightweight and easy to travel with, but also because of the pump. Most foundations come with a pump and this makes the product easier to dispense, however some have better pumps than others. This has a really good pump which gives you a lot of control, meaning you can dispense very small amounts and much larger amounts depending on the pressure you apply. This helps minimise the amount of wasted product.

The Pump Applicator
Lasting Power:
I have very very dry skin and don't tend to produce much oil. However, I've found that the lasting power of this foundation completely depends on what I use with it. A lot of reviews have said that the lasting power on this foundation isn't great, and UD don't make any claims that it should. Without using a primer or powder I found that after 5 hours this has begun to start fading on my nose. With a primer and powder I did find that it lasted longer but after about 8+ hours the dry patches around my nose and mouth had become more accentuated. My favourite way to wear this is with no primer/powder (as they are drying on my skin) and to use Urban Decay Dew Me Makeup Setting Spray. This is great for my skin type as it hydrates the skin, but it also helps keep the foundation on for much longer. If you do have problems with the lasting power on this I would definitely recommend this product, they also sell versions for oily skin and normal skin.

This does have a noticeable scent to it, but I find you can't detect the scent when the product is on your face.

Pricing and Avaliability:
Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation is price £27.00 and is avaliable from Debenhams.

Overall, I really like this foundation and how it looks on my skin. If it was a tad paler it would be perfect. I also have the brush which Urban Decay marketed with this foundation which I also love and will be reviewing soon.

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