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Thursday 11 July 2013

TIGI Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hairspray | Review

One of the must have hair products in everyone's beauty bag is a good bottle of hair spray. I style my hair most days as I have very thick unmanageable hair, so I often straighten or curl it, and need a good hairspray to help hold it into place. For months now, my favourite hair spray has the been the TIGI Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hairpsray. I use several of the other TIGI Rockaholic products (the gel and wax) and also love them. I've finally run out of this now, but I'm going to be purchasing a new one as soon as I can.

Does it work?:

This hair spray holds really well, whenever I use this my hair style stays put all day without moving. It also doesn't have that horrible stiffness of most hairsprays either - I agree with the product name that it is 'flexible' I do have quite thick hair so I do find my hair finds styles better than most peoples naturally, but I can see this working for anyone regardless of hair type.


I always love the packaging of TIGI products, its always bright and bold and this is no exception. I love the bright orange packaging of the bottle, it really helps it stand out from other hairsprays which are normally the generic black/blue colour. I also love the contrasted pink top. This did used to come with a clear cap but I seem to have misplaced that. This looks great on my dressing table and stands out from the rest of my hair products.


Without a doubt, one of the things I love most about this product is its smell. I find most hairsprays don't really have a smell or just have the generic horrible hairspray smell. This however, does not smell horrible at all and has a sweet, floral smell that actually stays put all day. Whenever anybody uses my hairpsray the first thing they comment on is how much they love the smell. The smell also stays all day, helping your hair to smell nice. (I know most won't care about this, but I like it when my hair smells nice, it makes me feel clean).

Prices and Availability:

£8.50 from Look Fantastic for 400ml (size shown here)
TIGI products are also often available from T K Maxx at discounted prices, but this can vary by store to store.

I think this is a good price for this product, as not only is it a good product, but the 400ml bottle will last you ages.

Will I repurchase:?

I absolutely love this hairpsray, it is the best hairspray I've ever used and I will definitely be repurchasing this.

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