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Thursday 7 November 2013

Approaching Makeup Counters

Source. Edited by me 
If you're anything like me, you'll hate approaching makeup counters. In fact, I hardly ever do it except where I have to. I tend to buy most of my makeup online, even for things like foundation. I'll research and read every review under the planet to make sure I get the right product. And it usually works, however, I know going to makeup counters should be a pleasant experience and would help me get what I want every time, but there are certain worries I have about makeup counters, that some of you might have too.

*Before I start the post I am in no way dissing those who work on makeup counters, I am simply saying things based on my experience and others I have heard*

Worries that I'll be Judged
This is the biggest reason that I refrain from approaching makeup counters. As nice as the sales assistants may be I'm always worried that I'll be secretly judged. For example, I'm nearly 20 years old but as I'm quite short in height and have a young looking face, people have told me I look 15-16 years old before. I worry that when approaching high end brands, they will think I'm too young to be wearing the makeup and so not take me seriously, when in reality I'm probably a similar age to some of them. I also worry that they will be judging me based on my makeup and what I'm wearing. I worry that because I don't look like a model, they will think I'm not good enough to be wearing their expensive makeup. I know in reality a lot of this is probably just made up in my head, but I still worry about it.

Worries I'll be pressured into buying something
A common reason people are afraid of approaching makeup counter is that they are worried of getting the hard-sell. That is, people pressuring them into buying products that they don't actually want or actually need. As a student, I don't have a lot of money to spend on products, so have to be really strict on what I can buy and what I can't. Therefore, being pressured into buying something I don't want just because I can't say no is not ideal. I always worry that I'll feel guilty for not buying a product, even if I've read bad reviews on it, or know I won't use it often.

Worries that I'll be constantly harrassed
I have heard horror stories of people being constantly talked at or asked if they need help multiple times during their brief experiences at a makeup counter. While it is polite to ask if a customer needs help, doing so more than once is not necessary. I want to be able to browse in peace, not constantly hounded.

Worries that If I get a Makeover, I'll look awful
This is a big worry and not one that is totally unfounded. I've had my makeup done at counters before and looked awful. I remember one time I went to get my brows filled in (as I never filled in my brows then and don't really now) and by the time I left my brows looked awful. I have very fair skin and blonde hair, but the makeup artist had chosen to fill my brows in with dark brown pencil. It looked unnatural and I looked like I had slugs for eyebrows. Luckily I didn't buy the eyebrow products as I was already buying a lip product so didn't feel guilty. I do feel guilty for not buying something if a makeup artist spends the time in applying the makeup to me, and in some situations I think I'd just buy the product out of guilt, no matter how much I disliked it. To avoid buying unwanted products, I don't tend to get my makeup done at counters.

Those are just some of my worries about approaching makeup counters. I know a lot of these worries are unfounded and some of the girls I've spoken to on makeup counters are truly nice and very helpful. I just can never get over these worries and just prefer to buy things online from the comfort of my own home. What about you? Do you find it easy approaching makeup counters and have you had good/bad experiences? Let me know in the comments!
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