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Monday 25 November 2013

Beauty vs Brains | TAG

1. What is your favourite book?
Ooh this is a toughie, I can't really remember all of the books I've read. I really like The Handmaid's Tale by Magaret Atwood. I don't get much time to read anymore, most of the books I read are textbooks for my course.

2. Which mottos do you like saying a lot?
'Everything will be okay in the end, if it's not okay, it's not the end'
3. Which do you prefer: English or Maths?
English, I didn't particularly like or enjoy maths. I didn't mind algebra or things like that, but I hated anything to do with shape I could never get my head around it.

4. Which do you prefer: Science or Art?
Hmmm, I liked art but I never loved it, it took up a lot of time and it tested my patience at times. So I'd probably have to go with science, I didn't like physics though, Chemistry was my favourite.

5. Name 5 albums/artists that changed your life
I like music but I don't really listen to many artists I just tend to have the radio on and listen to whatever is in the charts. The only album I'd say I really love is Night Visions by Imagine Dragons, so of the songs on that are amazing.

6. What were you favourite and least favourite subjects in school?
Favourite: History, Classics and RE
Least: Maths, Physics

7. Who is your favourite celebrity with a brain?
Emma Watson, she attended a Top uni in the US and also had a year at Oxford. The fact she managed to get such good grades while also fitting in her busy schedule of filming makes her an inspiration in my eyes.

8. What is your nerdy secret?
Hmmm not sure I really have one, I suppose my degree (Law) is kind of nerdy? I also really like medical/crime tv shows - the ones that actually make you think. I loved Body of Proof before they cancelled it.

9. Who are your favourite beauty/fashion gurus that you admire for more than their beauty/fashion sense?
I really admire Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter as she has been through quite a lot but still manages to remain positive, and the message she gives to her viewers/readers is a great one. I also admire Ruth from A Model Recommends, before she was discovered she was studying Law at Birmimgham uni which shows she is intelligent and this really comes across in her reviews. You can tell she knows what she's talking about and has clearly done a lot of research.

10. If you could study anything anywhere, what would you study and where?
Law at Harvard. I do a law degree, and would love to have the chance to study at the best place in the world.

11. If your blog wasn't about beauty/fashion what would it be about?
I actually think it'd be about current issues in the news. As part of my degree I need to know about current issues but find this is something I struggle with, so for a while I considered setting up a blog about current global issues.

12. Name something your obsessed with that most people find a bit nerdy?
The internet probably! I mean I know most people use it, but I use it a lot, like, a lot a lot. Literally I must spend 6 hours + on it most days which I know is bad. If I'm not at my computer then I'm on it on my phone.

13. Name 5 people, excluding family and friends, that inspire you
J K Rowling - 
One of the richest women in the world and she kept trying to get her work published even when she was rejected by so many publishers - and it really paid off for her.

Lord Sugar -
If you're not from the UK you may not know who he is, but he's a huge entrepreneur who is responsible for quite a few companies. He made his money by starting from the bottom and really had to work for everything that he got.

Tom Daley -
He managed to get A's at A level while having an Olympic career? I'd say that's pretty inspiring.

Baroness Hale -
She is the only woman to sit in the Supreme Court and for that reason I find it inspiring and see her as my academic inspiration. I'd love to be in her position when I grow up.

Steve Jobs -
I really think he was one of the most intelligent men on the planet, his creativity lead to some amazing innovations.

14. Who's your intellectual soul mate?
Sir Timothy John "Tim" Berners-Lee - He's credited as creating the World Wide Web and I truly love the internet, so I'd say we are pretty well matched there.

15. Who will you tag? 
I'm going to tag anyone who feels like doing this tag! If you do this tag or have already done it, please link it in the comments I'd love to read it.