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Thursday 5 December 2013

Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Android | Review and Swatch

The Claim:
'Made to be played with. A metallic, high-shine, pure-colour powder that highlights eyes, cheeks and brows. Mix with eye shadow, blusher or use it on its own to intense effect. Bring out your bold side'
Android is described as a 'shimmery charcoal black'. I wouldn't quite say it's a true black as in a lot of the swatches it appears more grey, however the colour can be built up. What really love about this product is te clear blue undertones that can be seen, particularly in the sun.

The shimmer in this is beautiful, it's not too overly shimmery that it will fall down on your face and make you look like a one-man disco, but it isn't so subtle that you can barely see it.

Hopefully you can see in the last picture it can be applied differently. You can sheer it out (as on the left) to get a much more subtle look that would be great as an eyeshadow base or to have a very smokey eye. You can also build up this intensity to a much more pigmented, intense look (as you can see on the right). The more you apply the more the bluetones in the product come out, which I personally love. I really like the fact that you can create different looks with this product by how you apply it, making it a better value for money.

These are very easy to apply, the texture is soft and the shimmer is densely packed so it's not going to fall down onto your cheeks while you are wearing it . The only thing I'd be careful of is fallout while applying, if you choose to layer it up a lot be careful that there can be a little bit of fall out, but this is easy solved by doing your eye makeup first. I'd advise doing eye makeup first anyway as this is a darker product, so any mistakes would be more obvious.

The pigment is in Illamasqua's typical sleek black packaging, with a clear underside. I love this as sometimes it can be hard to find certain products if you have to open them up to see the colours. The packaging is secure and the lid doesn't come off which is important as the product is loose - so would spill everywhere. The small opening also allows for only a small amount of product to reach the lid, which is great in case you accidentally knock it over, and makes sure you don't get too much on your brush.

Availability and Pricing:
The full range of Illamasqua's pure pigments are available from the Illamasqua website for £16.50. Illamasqua often do sales on their makeup products, including their pigments, so watch out for them.