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Friday 20 September 2013

Make Up Tattooing | Would you consider it?

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I've often heard things about permanent makeup or makeup tattooing. I didn't know a lot about the topic so was intrigued and decided to share my finding with you, incase you are also interested in this topic. I've tried to present as unbiased a view as I can. Also, the area of medicinal tattooing may be sensitive for some, I am not at all suggesting people should get the tattooing done, I am just giving reasons why patients have chosen to have the procedure.

What is Makeup Tattooing?
Makeup tattooing is the process by which tattoos are using to produce designs which are similar to makeup looks on the skin, such as more defined brows, permanent eyeliners, permanent lipstick etc. The makeup will be tattooed onto the skin, so no need to reapply every morning, and it will last for a long time. So you will never need to fill in your eyebrows again, they'll be shaped and filled in permanently.

How long does it last? Can it be removed?
Apparently the length of time the makeup lasts can be dependent on a lot of factors, including whether the pigments used are light or dark. Skin type can also impact, as well as age. On average, it is advised that patients have their makeup 'touched up' after 3 months.

You can have permanent makeup removed if you decide you don't like it anymore, but the laser removal is not always accurate, particularly on areas such as the eyes. Removal can be quite lengthy involving several treatments and it's pretty expensive.

Why would you choose to have permanent makeup?
There are many that choose to have it for cosmetic reasons. Those who have very sparse eyebrows that are fed up with filling them in every morning. Or those that find putting on there makeup to be a hassle. It can also be a confidence issue, for those who may not like to wake up barefaced, and would rather already have makeup on. And of course, it can be a time thing. For those in a busy job it can be the perfect solution to getting more time out of the day. It can sometimes take over 20+ minutes to apply makeup, so having your makeup on permanently means this time can be used for something else.

The procedure is also increasingly popular with men, who don't want to wear makeup yet want their natural features enhanced in a natural looking way.

Medicinal Tattooing
As well as those who choose to have makeup tattoos for cosmetic reasons, there are those that have them due to medical reasons. For example, makeup tattooing may be used to produce artificial eyebrows, where hair may have been lost due to alopecia. It can also be used to disguise scars in the skin. Those who are also no longer able to put on makeup, such as those with arthritis, may also consider the procedure. There are also those who can't wear makeup due to allergies, so this is a solution for them.

Are there risks?
As with all cosmetic procedures and tattooing there can be side effects. There may be complications in the process of makeup tattooing including allergies, scares, peeling, blistering and infection. Further complications can be caused by unsterilized equipment which could lead to infections such as Hepatitis. As with normal tattoos, there is always the risk that the person performing the procedure has not been trained correctly, which could result in poor application. If considering this, it is always best to make sure you check around for reviews of practitioners. Just search Ebay for permanent tattoo kits, I think you'll be surprised as the amount of results.

What do you think about permanent makeup? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Would you ever consider it yourself? 

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