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Thursday 8 August 2013

Makeup First and Fails | Tag

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Firstly thank you to the lovely Becki for tagging me to do this tag. It's really interesting remembering the mistakes I used to make when I first started to wear makeup. Hopefully I don't make these mistakes anymore.

Wearing the Wrong Colour of Foundation/Concealer:
This works both ways. I used to wear foundation that was either too light for me or too dark. I'm pretty pale so it wasn't hard for me to accidentally wear darker foundation. When I was young (13/14) I didn't know much about makeup so only bought what was available in Boots/Superdrug where I could test it on the back of my hand. However, I still ended up with foundation that was slightly too dark or the wrong undertone (I used to wear a very pinky foundation when I'm more netural-warm undertoned). Luckily I have long hair so I don't think any difference was too obvious to anyone. I also used to sometimes wear foundation that was too pale for me. As I'm too pale for most drugstore/highstreet foundations I used to always assume I was the palest in every brand. However this sometimes meant I wore foundation that was much too pale for me.

Using too much Shimmer:
I like shimmery products, and when I was younger I'd have shimmery lips with shimmer eyeshadow and glittery eyeliner, the works. Whenever I went to a school disco or anything similar I'd use to just use whatever shimmery/glittery products I had to get a 'party look'. I also remember owning neon yellow and purple hair mascaras.

Not using Powder:
I have pretty dry skin, so I used to think that meant I didn't need to use any powder at all. I was sadly mistaken. My makeup wouldn't last as long or I would end up looking shiny as I used a lot of moisturiser to try and hydrate my skin - not a good look.

Not using Eyeshadow Primer:
When I was younger I wasn't aware that you needed to prime anything, I always used to be amazed that I'd wear such bright eyeshadow and it would be gone or would crease so quickly. I wasn't aware that I needed to prime my eyes. I also didn't know how to blend eyeshadows or about fall out either. I also really liked pastel colours on my eyelids...

Not Sharpening pencils:
I didn't used to realise they made separate sharpeners to sharpen your eyeliners/eyebrow pencils so used to just use them blunt, or attempt to use a normal pencil sharpener which usually lead to them breaking.

Drawing my eyebrows in too dark:
My eyebrows were never as bad as some, infact I didn't really fill them in much at all. But when I did I tended to try and use eyeshadow which was too dark for me.  Luckily I wasn't as bad as some I've seen, I never filled my brows in using black kohl pencil, nor did I shape them so they looked like I had two big 'M' shapes on my face.

Not blending Blush:
I love bright blush, I've always been attracted to it. However, when I was younger I was not so brilliant at blending that blush into my foundation so it looked very unnatural and almost clown-like. I also tended to use cheaper blushes (i.e those cheap ones you get in those huge sets that cost about £2) which were very powdery and hard to blend anyway.

So that's it for my makeup firsts and fails, let me know if any of you did any of these when you were younger!

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... and also anyone else that fancies doing it!

Until next time,

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