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Wednesday 28 August 2013

MTV VMAs | Hits and Misses

For those of you who don't know, Sunday was the MTV Video Music Awards. It's in the US so I didn't get a chance to see it and while I like and appreciate a lot of the artists, this post is going to be more about the fashion hits and misses from the event. These types of events are filled with people constantly trying to outdo each other and impress on the red carpet, but while some of the fashion choices are a huge hit, some of them leave a bad taste in your mouth.

For me, there weren't that many dresses I was particularly impressed with, however these are the few that caught my eye.

Selena Gomez was wearing Versace. I've seen a lot of magazines say that this dress was a miss, but I actually like it. I think the detailing isn't too over the top and doesn't detract from the dress. It flatters her figure and is a bit different without going overboard like some of the other dresses.

Taylor Swift wore Herve Leger and looked gorgeous. Taylor always has such a classy sense of style and I always love what she wears. I love how simple, yet flattering this dress is. It really matches her style and shows off her figure without being too in your face. I think she looks truly elegant and glamorous.

Naya Rivera is stunning, and I love this dress. It's very simple, yet classy and flatters her figure well. It's a very simple design and cut, but it works.

Ellie Goulding is a gorgeous girl, and I love her dress. I love things that are a bit different and love it when girl outfits are made a bit 'edgy' with the addition of spikes. I think the colour really flatters her and the spike detailing manages to make it a bit different from the mainstream dresses without going too far. I think she looks classy but still manages to stand out.

Having looked at all the images from the VMAs there are far more misses than hits. There's a lot more than the ones shown here but these are the just the top 4 that I really thought failed to hit the mark.

Katy Perry wore this leopard print dress from Emanuel Ungaro, I'm not the biggest fan of leopard print as it is, but it's the golden leaf embellishment that puts me off this dress. I don't think it adds much to the dress and instead takes away from it. I usually love Katy Perry's outfit, but this isn't a hit with me. I do think it fits in well with her new single Roar though (if that was the idea).

Miley Cyrus wore this number from Dolce&Gabbana. I'm not a huge fan of this outfit, I think the gemstones don't particularly go with the outfit and I don't think it's the best for her figure. Miley has a gorgeous, enviable figure due to her love of pilates but I don't think this flatters it.

Lil Kim wore a bodysuit with a bright yellow shoe boots. I actually don't mind the boots and think they would have looked ok with a different outfit. However, with the boots, and the bodysuit there's just too much going on.

Lady Gaga wore Prabal Gurung. Gaga is often known for her outrageous fashion sense, and compared to some of her other outfits this is much tamer. I often love how Gaga challenges the fashion world and some of her amazing designs, but to me this falls flat. The material of the dress is far too akin to a bin liner. Sorry Gaga, but this doesn't do it for me.

So that's it for my hits and misses of the VMAs 2013! Let me know which dresses you love or which you weren't too keen on.

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