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Friday 16 August 2013

The Beauty Commandments | Habits I need to break


As a beauty blogger and self confessed beauty junkie, you would think that I stick by all the beauty commandments. Truth is, I don't. In fact, it is actually quite bad how many of them I break.

Thou Shall Throw away all Mascaras after 3 months
Oh dear. This is probably the beauty rule that I break time and time and time again. I know its really bad and I know the reasons why I should stick to it.  I never ever throw away my mascaras after six months. When I buy a mascara, especially if it is an expensive mascara I can't bear to throw it away knowing that half of the product is still left! This is made even worse by the fact that I like to try multiple mascaras at a time and use different mascaras for different looks, meaning I often have more than one open at a time

Why Should you throw away mascara after 3 months? 
I've got a more detailed post on this coming up shortly, but basically bacteria can build up in your mascara which can cause eye infections if you aren't careful. Mascaras have antibacterial agents in them to protect against this, but this only lasts so long - typically around the 3 months mark. After this you risk eye infection by keep using your mascara. Therefore, its best just to throw them out. 

Thou Shall Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise
I used to be good at doing this one, but recently I've stopped using toner. It isn't completely my fault, my Liz Earle Skin Tonic ran out and I haven't had the chance (or funds) to repurchase it as of yet. I'd say my skin has got a bit worse because of it, so I really need to sort this out.

Why Should you use toner?
Toner can help remove excess oil and dead skin cells that may remain still on the skin after you have used a cleanser. It can also help remove any makeup that you may have missed while cleansing too. It's not essential in a skincare regime, however if you often suffer from breakouts and can't see why, adding a toner into your regime may help.

Thou Shall Curl Thou's Eyelashes
Okay, this is one I have never ever done. Truth is, I've never used an eyelash curler in my life. Why? I'm not really sure of the reason, I think the main reason is because I'm scared of putting something that big next to my eyeball. With the mess I always make with fake eyelashes (last time I wore them, one fell off mid way through the night, luckily I noticed pretty quickly), I just think I'll end up somehow breaking my eyelashes off or poking myself in the eye with the curlers. I know this is silly because tons of use eyelash curlers everyday and they never manage to harm themselves.

Why Should you curl your eyelashes?
Unlike the other beauty rules, not curling your lashes doesn't really have any negative effect. Curling your lashes simply makes them appear longer and can make mascara application a bit easier. It can also make the lashes more uniform if you have some lashes less curly than others. It makes your eye makeup look better, but not doing it isn't going to do anything bad.

Thou Shall Deep Clean Makeup Brushes Regularly
This one I'm not awful at, but I'm still not brilliant at it. I know why it is important to deep clean your brushes and more often than not I do deep clean them. However, there are the odd occasions when I'm really busy or literally cannnot be bothered and end up putting off deep cleaning them. I know how bad this is for my skin and know this is one I need to change quickly.

Why Should you deep clean your brushes regularly? 
 If you don't clean your makeup brushes regularly, bacteria can build up in the brush. They also transfer old germs and bacteria to your face every time you use them. Take for example your concealer brush. Used it to cover a blemish one time? The germs and bacteria from that time will remain in the brush and be transferred to your face next time you use it, even if you no longer have that blemish. This can lead to break outs. Therefore, to avoid this its best to always clean your makeup brushes.

I've done a blog post on how to deep clean your makeup brushes here. 

Thou Shall never Sleep in Makeup
It's only a few occasions that I've broken this one. It tends to be when I've either been out and come back really late and literally zonked, or if I'm sleeping at a friends and forget to properly take my makeup off. Apart from these occasions, I do take all of my makeup off, but I need to start making sure that I always take it off before I got to sleep.

Why Shouldn't you sleep in makeup?
Sleeping in makeup is really bad for you skin. The problem with makeup is that it clogs up our pores which means that dead skin cells and irritants can't be removed from from our pores. Leaving it on all night can cause break outs. Furthermore, sleeping with your eye makeup on is just as bad as sleeping with a full face of foundation on. Sleeping with mascara on can cause your lashes to become dry and brittle.

These are the main beauty rules that I find myself breaking time and time again even thought I know that I shouldn't! Let me know the beauty rules that you break in the comments below.

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