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Friday 31 January 2014

Soap & Glory: Thick & Fast Super Volume Mascara | Review

Sorry for the Awful Photo! I can't take photos of my eyes at all.
First of all, I'm really sorry about the awfulness of the eye photo. I took so many and this was the best that I could get, but hopefully it show how the mascara looks on my lashes.

The Claim:
'This super volume mascara creates amazingly, longer, fuller, fabulous lashes. Featuring SUPERFILL™ False Lash Fillers, SHINE AMPLIFIERS, NOFLAKE24 technology and super-fine no-clumps natural wax film formers. *While we don’t feel it’s ladylike to brag, we’re feeling particularly bullish about our mascara. (And hope after trying it you’ll agree that it’s absolutely marvelous.'
My Thoughts:
In my opinion, this is one of the best highstreet mascaras available on the market right now. Soap & Glory is often known for it's bodycare but it's recent venture into makeup has also been incredibly successful. I never usually think to look at Soap & Glory for makeup, but recently I have found myself loving their products, and I've heard so many good reviews on the rest of their range.

The above photo is me wearing two coats of this mascara, you could possibly do 3 but I think it would start to clump. I've done both the top and the bottom lashes and also haven't curled my lashes. I really like this mascara and love the effect it has on my eyelashes. I'd say it's more of a lengthening mascara but it does add some volume. I think for the price this is great quality and is comparable to some of my favourite high-end mascaras (such as They're Real). I realise the photo is not the best quality in the world (believe me I took tons, but I can't photograph my eyes at all) but hopefully it show you the effect you can achieve with this mascara. I like quite long lashes, but you can definitely create a more natural look if that's what you are looking for.

The brush is pretty big but I don't mind that. I find it easy to coat the lashes and the mascara doesn't flake off and smudge off either.

Availability & Pricing:
Soap & Glory Thick & Fast is priced at £10 and available from Soap & Glory.